The Ananta Well-being Programs


Can you be my treating physician?

  • No, we are here to provide wellness advice, not medical advice. Therefore, we will not be diagnosing, ordering tests, or writing prescriptions for you. We can, however, suggest tests your doctor can order or companies that can provide specific tests.

Can I send you my laboratory test results for analysis?

  • We will look at the lab results in the past year to assist us in understanding your condition better. For older test results, please summarise them in your intake form in a chronological manner.

Are you covered by insurance?

  • No, we do not bill insurance. We can provide you with a receipt, but as these consultations are not medical in nature, your health insurance is unlikely to cover them.

Can I get a refund if I did not make it to the consultation session?

  • No, we do not offer refunds, unless there are extenuating circumstances. But if you give us 48 hours notice before your consultation, we can postpone it to a later date for you, once. This is so that we respect others who may have benefited from a session but were not able to book it in time.