OptimalDX® uses the latest in research and practice to interpret your blood test biomarkers with reference to the "optimal", healthy ranges. Tired of being told your lab results are "within normal ranges" but you still feel fatigued, bloated, or moody? Our functional health reports will give you a detailed analysis and explanation of macro- and micronutrient status, hormonal and metabolic profiles, and other functional body systems such as gut health, cardiovascular risk, detoxification capacity, immune dysregulation, and much more.

  • Simply send us your recent blood test results and we will analyze it for you! You will then receive your OptimalDX® report via email

  • Here is a list of the blood test biomarkers we use for OptimalDX® (Biomakers)

  • You can have as many or as few biomarkers in your report as you wish, but naturally, the more biomarkers you give us to work with, the more comprehensive your sample report will be

  • Here's a sample report

  • For more information, visit www.optimaldx.com

OptimalDX® Report