Mind(ful) @ Work

Mental health month is just around the corner in October. I have been invited together with Vanessa to be part of an online webinar for OCD & Anxiety Support HK. They are a mental health charity in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting individuals suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression. You can learn more about them here: https://www.ocdanxietyhk.org/

For the last 12 months since my transition from my own medical practice to a group practice, the mental well-being of my new colleagues, co-workers, and patients has come to the forefront. Many have confided in me their struggles with the current global situation and their work experience. At the same time, I had the opportunity to be involved in a workplace well-being workshop with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange where I worked with another colleague Mr. Graham Barkus from The Human Factor Hong Kong and gained some insights around how important it is that we learn to master our own performance and behaviors as a part of cultivating a healthy community at work.

The combination of the above experiences has inspired me to write this blog. You won't find any tips on what workshops, programs, webinars, or activities to run for workplace wellbeing. There are many providers out there for that. Read on for a different perspective.

Have you ever woken up on Monday morning before work and thought ‘here we go, not again?’ Or before you stepped in the office door you felt a sense of panic or anxiety? How about feelings of frustration, anger, and dissatisfaction?

Does this pattern of negative emotions repeat itself in your work? Do you wish for improved efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction at work? Would you also like to experience support and respect from your boss or co-workers?

Most of us spend a significant amount of our time working, thinking about work or getting ready for work. When we are experiencing negative feelings about work most of us think about changing jobs. But before we g