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Well-Being with Ananta

Welcome to Ananta

Health and Wellness Consultations with

Dr. Laurena and Dr. Vanessa

Too often do we hear patients say their doctors dismissed a diet they were on, supplements they are taking, or alternative and complementary therapies that they have benefitted from. Simply because the doctors were not taught or are not interested in it!


Or perhaps you are a practitioner who would like to incorporate some lifestyle changes into your client's treatment plan but do not know where to seek out credible advice that is integrative AND backed by science, and to help you navigate the space between conventional medicine and alternative modalities of treatment.


Start here to discover how you can heal yourself! 

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What We Specialize In

Little One's Wellness

His and Her Health

Mind-Body Healing

Fertility and Pregnancy Support

Sports Performance Tweaks

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Start Your Journey Today.

Ananta Well-Being

Health and Wellness Consultations with 

Functional Medicine Practitioners

The Ananta Personal Well-being Program

Personalized programs for individuals who want to improve and optimize health

You are on your own health journey, or you may be working with a practitioner already, but would like a holistic review of your treatment plan and explore lifestyle and wellness options to further improve your health. During the wellness consultation, we will discuss these recommendations with you, or direct you towards specific investigations or treatment options that we have vetted personally for quality and meet industry standards.  

You can choose to add on a PureGenomics® Report  or an OptimalDX® Report to your consultation, which would help us further evaluate your health status and make customised recommendations.

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Doctor and Patient

The Ananta Clinical

Case Review

Clinical Case Reviews for practitioners who seek support for their own clients


This is for practitioners who are working with clients already, but would like the clinical support from a functional medical doctor on how to incorporate targeted lifestyle changes or alternative therapies in their treatment plans; navigate the use of supplements in conjunction with their current medications; or consider other investigations that may be helpful for exploring root causes of their illnesses. You will need the consent of your client to discuss the details with us, which will be anonymized for privacy.

How it works

​Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive an intake form and a Zoom link in your email inbox. Fill out the intake form as best as you can, and email it back together with any important lab results from the past year. We can look at any lab results older than one year as part of the call.


Consultations take place over Zoom meetings. If you like, we can record the session and share the recordings with you for your own use. We will then send you a written summary of the recommendations so you have an actionable plan to work from, which also means you won't need to take notes during the session! 

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